Kampi.co.za - Insurance - Trust & Safety

Kampi.co.za cares about your safety. That’s why our insurance option is the most comprehensive in the market: for the camper renter, camper owner, and camper itself. Kampi’s nationwide insurance is issued by KING PRICE, a large national insurance company.

Kampi.co.za vets renters with document ID and facial biometrics verification - that way you know that the person sitting behind the wheel of your camper is who they really say they are. And don’t worry renters, we use only the most secure platform for payment processing and have a worry-free rental guarantee.

Learn more about how we do this below:

How Kampi.co.za Keeps you Safe

User Verification

Kampi.co.za verifies users by requiring renters to submit a valid government-issued ID and proof of residence. Until their ID is verified by matching the uploaded picture, they’re unable to continue with their booking or see any of the owner’s information - including the exact location of the camper. Likewise, camper owners must verify who they are before receiving full access to their accounts. Learn more here.

Dedicated Account Monitoring

Stick with the Kampi.co.za platform during your rental process - when communicating, booking, and paying - and be confident that you’re protected at all times. Kampi’s dedicated Monitoring Team monitors accounts for suspicious behaviour and ensures fraud is caught ahead of anything that should go wrong.

Secure Payments

As part of our commitment to your safety, all payments are automated, secure, and backed by a Worry-Free Rental Guarantee. Kampi.co.za uses Payfast.co.za for safer payment processing, which provides state of the art technology to help identify and fight fraud. All costs associated with your rental including taxes, fees, and security deposits are only protected if paid through Kampi.co.za.


Kampi.co.za has an exclusive partnership with the most trusted names in insurance and provides industry-first coverage to both domestic and international travellers. Coverage extends through sub-Saharan Africa to keep you safe no matter where your journey may take you.

Owners are provided R10,000,000 in liability coverage, as well as comprehensive coverage with absolutely no startup costs, fees, or premiums.

Renters get the same protection since insurance is included as part of every booking. The open road can be unpredictable, so whether it’s a flood, fire, or falling debris, rest assured knowing you’re covered.

Read our Insurance Policy (here)


After your trip, both you and the camper owner will receive an email reminder to review your experiences. Neither of your ratings will be viewable until both are submitted. Reviews help you see what others have experienced to give you confidence in your rental.